Dicembre 2014

  1. 12.12.2014

    Quello di oggi, cari amici, è il più corposo aggiornamento della storia di questo sito: dopo tre anni passati a raccoglierli, la sezione No Endings (già Peach Pit) aumenta di ben 184 titoli, di cui la metà per Commodore 64, ma non mancano nuovi sistemi come l'Atari 2600 e il Vectrex. A questa megaupdate hanno collaborato praticamente tutti, ovvero Stencio, Ogre, Giancarlo, izius, Quaglia e me. Buona visione, buon Natale e appuntamento al 2015!

    Today's update is also the biggest of this site's history: 184 titles have been added to the No Endings section (formerly known as Peach Pit, where you can find games that go on forever or go back directly to the title screen without an ending text after the last level); half of them are Commodore 64 games, but there are also new entries like Atari 2600 and Vectrex. All of our staffers have contributed to this megaupdate: Stencio, Ogre, Giancarlo, izius, Quaglia and me. Merry Christmas and see you in 2015!

    Aaargh!     Aardvark     Action Force 2     Ah Diddums     Albatrossity     Alianator     Alien Zombie Death     Aquaplane     Amazon     Android 2
    Arax     Astro Warrior     A-Team, The     Atomix     Attack of the Blue Bomber, The     Attacker     Auriga     Automania     Baby Pac-Man     Badlands
    Bag It!     Balloon Fight     Barbaros     Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing     Battery's Not Precluded     Battle Chopper     Batty     Bear Bovver     Berzerk     Beverly Hills Cop
    Bewitched     Blast Fighter     Bleed Out Sakuretsu     Block Dizzy     BMX Ninja     Bobby Yazz Show; The     Bomb Jack     Bombard     Bouncer     Bounty Bob Strikes Back!
    Bumpy     Burger Chase     Cave Fighter     Cave Kooks     Chequered Flag     Chikin Chase     Chopper     Chronicles of Omega, The     Chuckie Egg     Ciphoid 9
    Circuits     CJ     Cobra     Collapsar     Cop-Out     Cosmic Crusader     CrossFire EX     Cross It     Crunch Point     Cybernoid
    Death Race 64     Delta Fighter     Denaris     Digger Dan     Dioroid     Donkey Kong     Dreadnought II     Elliot     F.I.R.E.     F1 Tornado Simulator
    Fax     Fire Chief     Flying Shark     Free Climbing     Frightmare Mission     Frogger     Frospi     Future Fighter     Ganymed     Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge
    Get 'Em     Goldrunner     Gorf     Great Gurianos     Gyropod     H. A. T. E.     Hell Fighter     Hell Racer     Hells Bells     Hoppin' Mad
    Horace & the Spiders     Horace Goes Skiing     Hunchback     Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge     Hungry Horace     International Karate +     Impossaball     Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom     Jungle Story     Jupiter Lander
    Kane     Kick Box Vigilante     Kick Box Vigilante     Killing Machine     Killing Machine     Knax Computerspiel, Das     Kosmic Kanga     Kwik Snax     Legend of Kage, The     Light Force
    Logic     Logo     Mac Man     Mad Mix Game     Mad Mix 2     Maniax     Match Racer     Matrix     Microcosm     Monkey Magic
    Moon Caves     Moon Force     Motocross     Mr. Wiz!     Ms. Pac-Man     Munch Mania     Nazi Fighter     Ninja Rabbits     Ninja Task III, The - The Final Showdown     No Excuses
    Oxxonian     Ozzy versus the Universe Part I - Demons of Topaz     Pedro     Pegman     Puppy's     R.C. Pro-Am     Rallybug     Redrunner - The Final Wormtier     Rescue on Fractalus!     Roadwars
    Robots!     Rocket Man     Rolling Thunder     Sai Combat     Salamander     Santa's Xmas Caper     SAS Combat Assault     Schloss Geist     Scooby Doo     Screaming Wings
    Scuba Dive     Sentinel, The     Shinobi     Siona     Sky Force     Sky Shark     Slayer     Sleepwalker     Snakes     Starbase Four-One-Nine
    Super Phoenix     Super Sprint     Taffy Turner     Taito Chase H.Q.     Taito Chase H.Q.     Tales of the Arabian Nights     Tapper     Tekken 3     Terra Cresta     Trivia - The Ultimate
    Vee Kloros     Way of the Exploding Fist, The     Well, The     West Bank     Wheelie     Where's My Water?     Wild Ride!     Xevious     Yucatan     Zany Golf
    Z-Zone     ZIP     Zenonia 2 - The Lost Memories     Zenonia 3 - The Midgard Story

  2. 09.12.2014

    Non so se riuscirò a fare la megaupdate della sezione No Endings prima della fine dell'anno, nell'attesa pubblico i finali raccolti per l'abortito "Speciale Simulmondo", pianificato tre anni fa e interrotto dopo 4 finali. Buona visione!

    The planned huge No Endings update may take longer than expected. Meanwhile, today I present you the so-called "Simulmondo Special", planned in 2011 and abandoned after 4 endings. See you!

    Dylan Dog 01: La regina delle Tenebre     Dylan Dog 02: Ritorno al Crepuscolo
    Simulman 01: Simulman!     Simulman 02: Nella Morsa di SS-DOS

  3. 03.12.2014

    Cinque mod di Beats of Rage freschi freschi grazie a Giancarlo e Stencio! Buona visione!

    And here we go with five brand new Beats of Rage mods! See you!

    Double Dragon Gold     Final Fight Heroes     Final Fight X
    Golden Axe Genesis     Urban Lockdown

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