MamEnd - User's Guide

Welcome to MamEnd's user's guide for foreign visitors! Since there is no real need to know the italian language to surf through this site, and honestly I don't have time/will to plan an english version, here is a brief guide and dictionary to let you understand which section you're looking at.

Let's take a look at the sections you can pick from the main page:

WiP: needless to say, this is the work-in-progress section, where you can learn about the endings we have stored but haven't put online yet.

Richieste: this is the requests page. You want to see an ending we haven't yet? Fill in the form (name, e-mail adress and game title) and we'll finish the game for you as soon as we can!

Status report: this page shows first the games we have in the database, the second half (Finali non presenti) which ones have still to be finished.

FAQ: you know what's a FAQ? Good Actually, it's nothing more than a short story about the birth of MamEnd, and what you can find here.

Speciali: this is a special section! Here you can find stuff that doesn't have much to do with endings, but was cool enough to be put online. For now we have rare stuff about Metal Slug 3 and an archive of pics taken from mahjong games. You know hentai? Then you know what you're gonna find

Archivio news: what you do expect from every retrogaming site, the old news archive.

Contribuite!: a guide that tell you how to contribute to our site, which snapshots you have to save, or, if you want to review a game, how to write it.

Fossa delle Marianne: this is an important section of MamEnd! There we list all the games that actually don't have an ending and simply start over or, even worse, go straight to infinity. If you see the game you're trying to finish in that page, well, I suggest you to give up.

Recensioni & pagelle: do you want to know if a game is worth to be downloaded and played? If you understand italian, the answer is here.

Produttori: another list with the games stored in our database, but sorted by manufacturer.

Traduzioni: how many times you played a game with text in japanese only and you never understood what the hell it meant? We can help you, letting you show the translation (both in english and italian) of some games.

And here is the translation of the terms you will find in each ending page:

Sviluppatore: developer
Produttore: producer
Distributore: distributor
Anno: year
Genere: genre
N. max di giocatori: max no. of players (alternati: alternate, contemporaneamente: simultaneously)
N. di livelli: no. of levels
Difficoltà: difficulty (facile: easy, media: average, alta: high)
Ricomincia da capo una volta finito: starts over when finished (: yes, solo una volta: just once)

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